About Us

GS1 Saudi Arabia (GS1 KSA) is an unrivalled authority for providing GS1 International barcodes for local market, a foundation tool for automation for inventory, warehouse, Point-of-Sale etc.

GS1 KSA is locally known as Saudi Barcode Centre”

Saudi Bar Coding Center started its operation in June 1999 (corresponding to 24/02/1420). We took the responsibility to increase the awareness among local businesses for supply chain automation and their adoption to improve their logistics work process. We follow the GS1 Global Standards for Barcodes - the international bar coding system in the Saudi Arabia. We are a member of the GS1 – Global Bar Coding Standards Organization. GS1 standards are widely being implemented and used worldwide. GS1 has over one million companies registered using GS1 standards throughout the globe.

The Saudi Bar Coding Center is the only authorized entity to manage all the issue related to bar coding of materials (such as industrial products, various goods, services and materials). The Center follows the specifications of the Organization and works to increase bar coding awareness and culture using the global bar coding system to develop a common international language for economic activities.


Spread and support of the international bar coding system in all economic activities in the Kingdom.


  • Dispatch the international bar code numbers assigned to the Kingdom to subscribers who want to make use of this feature using the bar code.
  • Provide all the information related to the scope of usage of the international bar coding, the advantages and its applications in electronic exchange of information.
  • Provide technical support and guidance to subscribers by issuing technical publications about the different applications related to the specification of the international bar coding system.
  • Cooperate with the International Bar Coding Organization and bar coding authorities in different countries to develop the specifications and applications of the international bar coding system and participate with any project that may be applicable to regional or international levels.