Assign Unique GS1 Numbers & Generate GS1 Barcodes

With the expansion of global trade and computerization, plain language descriptions of products and services need to be replaced by identification systems that are usable in all trade and industry sectors world-wide.

The EAN.UCC system (now GS1 system) has been developed to meet this need by providing solutions that guarantees unique and unambiguous identification. Manufacturers, exporters, importers, hospitals, wholesalers, retailers, etc. can use the system to communicate information regarding the goods or services they trade.

These unique identification numbers can be represented by bar code symbols. This enables inexpensive and accurate data capture thus providing the required information at all points of the supply chain.

The Saudi Bar Coding Center is the only authorized entity to manage all the issue related to bar coding of materials (such as industrial products, various goods, services and materials). The Center follows the specifications of the Organization and works to increase bar coding awareness and culture using the global bar coding system to develop a common international language for economic activities

Now, you can enhance your business by appling GS1 Standards, for any more information of how you can benifit of this service contact GS1 Saudi Arabia.