As a patient you are entitled to the best care. The use of our standards in healthcare increases patient safety, drives supply chain efficiencies and improves the traceability of medicines.

We at GS1 Saudi Arabia are the pioneers in the Middle East region to work with healthcare sector for the implementation of GS1 healthcare standards. 

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GLN workshop in Riyadh Saudi Arabia in association with SFDA


Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA)

SFDA Drug sector has been leading in the region to enact Drug Barcoding regulation to start with its own pharmaceutical track and trace system. It requires all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and distribution companies who are doing business in Saudi Arabia to register with GS1. These companies must register for following;

  1. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for the products
  2. Global Local Number (GLN) for manufacturing units and warehouses

Please click the link to get more information about SFDA project: SFDA website


Services from GS1 Saudi Arabia

GS1 Saudi Arabia (GS1KSA) offers following services for the healthcare sector in order to achieve compliance with SFDA Drug barcoding regulation, which are as follows;

For registration with GS1 and more inquiries about GS1 Healthcare standards, please contact the following;

Ibrahim Assaf

GS1 Healthcare Project Manager


Tel: +966-11-2182423


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Membership Registration Guidelines 
GLN Registration Requirements
Membership Fee Chart 
GS1 Healthcare GTIN Allocation Rules 
GLN Healthcare Implementation Guidelines  
GS1 HRI guidelines (Extracted from GS1 General Specifications)