Supply Chain Professionals Directory 

GS1 Saudi Arabia (GS1KSA) proudly announces the Saudi Arabian Supply Chain Professionals directory. It is one of its unique service from our platform to create an exposure for the qualified Supply chain professionals in Saudi Arabia.

It is a known fact that supply chain management has been recognized and being adopted from large organizations around the world as an excellence operation model to streamline the integration and connectivity among upstream and downstream trading partners. 

GS1KSA in association with Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) is involved in specialized supply chain training and internationally accredited certification programs from past many years. Now we have decided to launch the Supply Chain professionals directory to distinguish the people who has been certified already and serving the industry with their high quality knowledge received through international credentials. *

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Want to add your name in the Directory

In order to list your name in the directory, please contact the following;

Mitchell Alingayao 

Solution Enterprise Architect

Tel: +966-11-2182422