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Transforming how you share information

Communicating with your customers, partners and suppliers is a crucial part of business. But when you all have different processes and systems, even sharing straightforward information can be time-consuming and error-prone.

You need a common language. Our supply chain standards provide it.

New ways to save time and money

When everyone uses the same standards, it’s easier to get things done. Just imagine if we didn’t have a standard way to measure time or distance.

It’s the same with our supply chain standards. They define ways to store and transfer data so organisations can exchange information smoothly.

Supply chain standards save time and money by reducing administration and slashing paperwork. Largely unseen, yet tremendously important, GS1 standards ensure key processes run smoothly in some of the world’s biggest industries. For instance:

  • Retail. GS1 standards lie at the heart of efficient ‘just in time’ systems. Retailers can track products at every stage of the supply chain, meeting changing consumer demands with minimal wastage and maximum cash flow. Learn more > 
  • Healthcare. Standards play a key role in delivering exceptional care and maintaining patient safety. From monitoring medication to ensuring optimal use of critical resources like MRI scanners, GS1 standards revolutionising healthcare services.Learn more >
  • Transport and logistics. How do you make sure things are in the right place at the right time, and then communicate the status to customers? GS1 standards provide a framework for real-time tracking, traceability and supply chain optimisation.Learn more >

We are our members

New standards only make a difference if they’re relevant in the real world. That’s why our members — over a million organisations — drive everything we do.

From proposing new standards to updating existing ones, we operate as an association of businesses large and small. Together, we reduce costs and deliver better service to our customers — whoever they might be.



Need a barcode?


Working with GS1, you can rest assured that your barcodes and unique numbers will be accepted by major retailers and distributors all over the world.




Although the barcode is our most recognisable standard, we maintain many different standards.


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